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The time to fix healthcare is NOW!

Speak up and demand a change in healthcare culture from managing to preventing chronic symptoms.

Do you suffer from Chronic Symptoms?

Obesity, diabetes, heart, auto-immune, digestive, addictions, depression, anxiety, or loneliness? Chronic diseases are out of control and affect over 65% of adults and youth, reducing productivity, and life expectancy, and bankrupting our economy.¹

For Health Professionals

The majority of physicians and healthcare providers suffer from burnout, overwhelm, and frustration about healthcare as it is now. Join Chronic Disease Solutions Month™ and the Lifestyle Medicine Summit Oct 18-24, demand healthcare improvements, and start writing micro-habit Lifestyle Prescriptions®.

Evidence-Based Root-Cause Solutions

Research clearly shows that most non-communicable, chronic health issues can be substantially reduced or reversed through comprehensive evidence-based lifestyle medicine improvements and with the help of certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners and Health Coaches.²

The Chronic Disease Solutions Month™ October

The Chronic Disease Solutions Month™ is an annual awareness campaign focused on educating the public about chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, pain, depression, anxiety, and cancer. Thousands of volunteer ambassadors host local or online events (lectures, podcasts, articles, and more) about prevention, lifestyle-based medicine, and health coaching.

The Chronic Disease Proclamation

"We, the People, call on governments and presidential candidates to prioritize solutions that address the root causes of chronic diseases in their administrative agendas and public health policies by investing in preventive measures and lifestyle-based medicine, ensuring universal accessibility to these resources."

* The specific policy suggestions will be defined by our proclamation healthcare committee and published on this website by October 1, 2024

Why join Chronic Disease Month™?

We need to stand up and urge governments and healthcare leaders to provide options for the billions of people suffering from chronic health issues. True change will happen if you and millions sign the Chronic Disease Solutions Proclamation because the winning formula is a strong grassroots movement supported by our government leaders and decision-makers.

Let Your Voice Be Heard.

Join Chronic Disease Month, host a local or online event, share your story, and inspire your community.

Government Declaration of Support

Our volunteer team will submit the proclamation to country and state governments by October 1, 2024, and request a declaration of support to make Chronic Disease Root-Cause Solutions a priority in their administration and public health policies.

Join 100,000+ Health Professionals & Health Lovers for the Largest Global Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching Event in 2024

The highlight of Chronic Disease Month™ and global campaign is the

With 50+ Politicians and World leaders in Lifestyle / Integrative / Functional / Holistic Medicine sharing actionable root-cause solutions and policies to resolve the Chronic Disease Epidemic.

2024 and Previous Presenters include:


Summit Host, Author, Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University & Dr. HealthiWealthi™ Coaching


Founder Preventive Medicine Research Institute, Clinical Professor of Medicine UCSF


President-Elect American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Director Lifestyle Medicine Dept. Massachusetts General Hospital


Founding Director Yale University’s Prevention Research Center


Director UltraWellness Center, Founder Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, New York Times best-selling author


Author Biology of Belief and the Honeymoon Effect. A leading voice in Epigenetics and Spirituality


Executive Director National Board for Wellness & Health Coaching


Board-Certified Family Physician, Seven-Time New York Times bestselling author


Former Kaiser Permanente Medical Group CEO, Stanford University School of Medicine


CEO UK & International Health Coaching Association


World-renowned physician, scientist, cancer researcher, New York Times bestselling author


Co-Founder Food Revolution Network


Founder Lifestyle Medical, Chair American/Intl. Board of Lifestyle Medicine, Faculty at Loma Linda University


PCC, Psychologist, Founder & CEO Real Balance Global Wellness, Co-Founder NBHWC


Research Professor at the University of Toulouse, Founder Clearsight Method


Owner All-Care Medical, Ornish Provider, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Chief Medical Officer, Value-Based Medicine Expert


New York Times bestselling author, transformational teacher and happiness expert


Energy Psychology Researcher, Best-Selling Author


Pioneer in Mind-Body Medicine, Bestselling Author


Founder Holistic Wellness Academy, MSc, DipIBLM, FAAMFM, ABAARM


Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Qi Gong Master, Founder The Urban Monk, Producer “Vitality”, “Origins”, “Prosperit Movies


Author, Researcher, Founding President Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


Nutrition and Women's Health Authority, Founder Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology


Bestselling Author, Autoimmune, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS), Celiac Disease (CD)

Supporting Organizations

The following esteemed organizations support our global movement to make Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching accessible to everyone and demand governments and state officials to make solving the Chronic Disease Pandemic a priority in their administrations.

The Chronic Disease Epidemic

The shocking reality is that over 1 billion people worldwide suffer from one or more chronic symptoms. Over 75% of those hospitalized with COVID had pre-existing chronic conditions.¹

Obesity, diabetes, heart, auto-immune, digestive, addictions, and other chronic diseases are out of control.

Patients deserve and demand options and a choice of treatment in addition to medical management of chronic conditions.

Families, parents, and children suffer unnecessarily because they are not being told about evidence-based lifestyle healthcare options.

Healthcare needs to change

Healthcare systems must pivot towards preventive and integrated care to effectively combat chronic diseases, which now dominate global health burdens.

The current reactive, acute-care model falls short in managing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, which demand long-term, holistic approaches.

By focusing on prevention, addressing lifestyle factors, and tackling social determinants of health, healthcare can significantly reduce the prevalence and impact of these diseases.

Such a shift not only promises better health outcomes but also offers a sustainable path forward, reducing the overwhelming costs associated with chronic disease management.

Prevention and Lifestyle Medicine WORK

The majority of non-communicable, chronic health issues like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, depression, and anxiety can be reversed through comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine protocols and with the help of certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners and Health Coaches.¹

Based upon proven results in numerous scientific studies and journal articles ¹, the following conditions will almost certainly show improvement: Hypertension Diabetes Obesity Early prostate cancer Gall & Kidney stones Rheumatoid arthritis Ulcerative colitis Crohn's disease Depression Anxiety Pain and many others ...

The Root-Causes of Chronic Disease

Unhealthy Nutrition

Toxins, chemicals, excessive sugar sodas, low-quality carbs and proteins, and more.

Lack of Exercise

Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise & more.

Psychosocial & Life Stress

Chronic disease-inducing work, financial, relationship, emotional, and mental stress including lack of regenerative sleep.

Loneliness & Lack of Support

Change of social and family structures, lack of a supportive and loving environment.

Why join Chronic Disease Month & The Summit?

Feel healthier and happier

Imagine a life without chronic symptoms living longer and better.

Save healthcare cost

Save healthcare expenses for yourself and your family.

Get coaching support

Get professional support and improve one habit at a time.

Patient-centered healthcare

Access to Lifestyle Medicine-trained Physicians and Health Professionals.

Support your family & community

A healthy you means a healthier and more productive family, community, and country.

"Chronic Disease Month™ is not a war against Chronic Diseases but about implementing evidence-based root-cause solutions in healthcare."

Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

Share your story. Inspire millions.

Host an event, share with your community, and demand your government to invest in Prevention and Lifestyle-Based Medicine.

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