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  • Chronic Disease Awareness Month™
    Host podcasts, write articles, interview health leaders, organize lectures, post on social media, and do what you can to educate and inspire your community, health leaders, and governments about the Chronic Disease Epidemic and Lifestyle-Based Root-Cause Solutions.
  • Chronic Disease Month™ Proclamation
    Demand mayors, state, and federal governments, and decision-makers to sign our proclamation to prioritize and invest in Prevention and Lifestyle-Based Medicine.
  • Lifestyle Medicine Summit Oct 18-24, 2024 - Highlight💥
    Share the summit featuring 50+ world-renowned leaders teaching evidence-based protocols to prevent, reduce, and reverse chronic symptoms. We'll live-stream the 7-day event on our website and select social media platforms.

Chronic Diseases affect everyone. How will you get involved?

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Talk about the Chronic Disease Epidemic & Solutions wherever you can!

  • Speak up. Share your story!
  • Write and share news articles
  • Host radio, TV, or podcast shows
  • Interview expert speakers
  • Share social media shorts, and banners, create memes

Proclamation (Official)

Demand your government to invest in Chronic Disease Root-Cause Solutions

  • Contact city mayors, state governors, federal government officials, and organizations
  • Ask them to sign the proclamation and publicly announce it.😊

Affiliates/ Influencers

Inspire and grow your community. Earn commission.

  • Share to your community via email or social media channels
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  • Speakers: Organize a lecture & workshops (online or offline)
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Our 2024 Campaign Highlights

Our non-profit Chronic Disease Root-Cause Solutions campaign consists of two parts:

The Chronic Disease Awareness Month™ October will engage millions to say 'Enough is Enough' and demand governments to upgrade healthcare by investing in Prevention and Lifestyle-Based Medicine.

The highlight of our 2024 global movement will be the Lifestyle Medicine Online Summit with 50+ expert speakers, best-selling authors, politicians, and industry leaders providing Chronic Disease Root-Cause Solutions.

  • Promo-Time: OCT 1 - 18, 2024
  • Live-Streaming Summit: OCT 18 - 24, 2024
  • Victory Party & Lifestyle Awards: NOV 9, 2024
  • Summit Landing Page: Available Sept 10, 2024

Media Partner Timeline & Details

Make it important and help millions.


Our registered 501c3 non-profit organization is powered by passionate volunteers and health lovers like you. To pay for expenses we offer summit premium upgrade options. We believe in win-win situations and want you to be rewarded for spreading the word.


  • JUNE 1 - SEPT 30, 2024 | ✅ Chronic Disease Month Promo-time
  • OCT 1 - 18, 2024 | Lifestyle Medicine Summit Promo-time
  • OCT 18 - 24, 2024 | ✅Lifestyle Medicine Summit (Live Online)
  • NOV 9, 2024 | Lifestyle Medicine Awards & Victory Party


Use your unique tracking link to review your leads and commission.

  • SUMMIT IS FREE TO ATTEND: Anyone can support Chronic Disease Month and attend DAY 1 of the Lifestyle Medicine Summit
  • PREMIUM ACCESS UPGRADE: After participants register for FREE they have the option to support our non-profit movement by upgrading to
  • Premium Summit Access for $67
  • Add-On Health Package for $30 (optional)
  • Write Lifestyle Prescriptions® Course for $197 (for healthcare professionals)

To test the funnel sign up at https://www.lifestylemedicine.ai.


All media partners receive 35 % commission on PREMIUM ACCESS UPGRADES sales received via your unique tracking link.


  • With over 3,000 leads/opt-ins you receive an additional 15% commission (✅50% total commission)
  • With over 5,000 leads/opt-ins you receive an additional 10% commission (✅60% total commission)

Invite and ask other influencers, media & affiliate partners to join the campaign and you will receive

  • 20% SECOND TIER COMMISSION (calculated from their commission)

Contact us for special arrangements especially if you have a reach of 200,000+.

** Commission Example:

PREMIUM ACCESS: 5,000 opt-ins, 200 Upgrades $97 x 50% = $48.50 = $9,700 commission

PLM COURSE: 50 Registrations x $197 x 50% = $4,925 commission


Commissions are calculated from June 1 to Nov. 15, and are paid by Dec 1, 2024.

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** No commission or financial guarantee can be made.

Summit Premium Upgrade

Chronic Disease Month and Lifestyle Medicine Summit participants may upgrade to Premium Access and receive extensive benefits.

  • Chronic Disease Month Premium Invitations
  • 2024 All-Inclusive 7-Day Summit Premium Access
  • 2024 Watch 50+ Summit Live Presentations
  • 50+ Recordings (lifetime access)
  • Transcripts of all interviews in book format
  • 24 CE/CPD Professional Educational Credits (NBHWC & CPD Standards)
  • Course: 101 The Art & Science of Self-Healing
  • Book 'Lifestyle Medicine Works'
  • Book 'The 6 Root-Cause(s) of all Symptoms'
  • Worksheet: Your 4 Healthcare Treatment Options
  • Worksheet: Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™
  • Worksheet: 10 Micro-Habit Lifestyle Prescriptions® for Vitality & Longevity
  • BONUS: Get one Chronic Disease Month & Lifestyle Medicine Summit Victory Party on November 9, 2024.

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